Student-Athlete Information and Forms

Hanover Logo All Hanover College student-athletes must complete a three-step process to provide information to be eligible to compete for the Panthers. The process covers both first-year and returning athletes.  The directions for the process can be found on MyHanover at this link,

Each student athlete will need to use the login provided to them by the College. The steps are listed below and for your convenience the print and mail forms are included at the bottom of this page.

  • Step One: ACS is an online form management site.
  • Step Two: Athlete Connection is an online form for demographics, emergency contact information, insurance information and medical alerts.
  • Step Three is a set of forms that all student athletes must print, complete and sign and then mail to Hanover College.

ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES WILL NEED A PHYSICAL specific to Hanover athletics. There is a physical form in Step 3 for your physician to complete.  

Proof of Sickle Cell Trait testing and results must be attached to the physical form.  It is possible for the student athlete to complete a waiver that would allow them waive the mandatory Sickle Cell Trait testing. For safety and educational purposes we have all student athletes watch the education videos on Sickle Cell Trait.  Hanover College and the NCAA encourage all student athletes to know their Sickle Cell Trait status.  If you choose to decline testing that form is in Step Three.  There is also a informational sheet in Step Three for you to read.

***All forms must be completed by August 1, 2019. 

Physician Exam Form & Statement
Sickle Cell Trait Information Letter
ADHD Guidelines for NCAA Reporting
ADHD Reporting Form
Concussion Fact Sheet
Hanover College Concussion Protocol
Hanover College Athletic Training Room Policies
 Medical Referral Form